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Name:Ruin, the Ten of Swords
Birthdate:Mar 11
A man dead with ten swords in his back. It is a nasty looking card. Sometimes everything just... goes... wrong. And this is a card that lets the Querent know that, yes, things are as bad as he fears. The troublesome swords can't get much worse than this, with bad things said about the Querent, ruin of their lives. But as the fellow in the card indicates, the swords have done their worse. You can't be more dead. It is over. -- From

Ruin is a 6'3 man with shoulder length, unkempt hair. His grey eyes tend to flash like steel.

His PB is Josh Holloway and James Crabtree.

He is the personification of the Ten of Swords from the minor arcana. He is ruin, desolation, and disruption; sorrow, misfortune, and misery. To pull this card means that the worst has happened. His companion in his existence is a coyote, a sad, scrawny animal. He can bring forth the cold fear in one's nature, for he is that cold fear personified. He is pain and anguish and despair, the ending of all hope.

Ruin is married to Mary Anne Bell (Queen of Swords), and in the far future, the two tarot cards have two daughters together: Aife and Caena.

To be warned, those who thread with Ruin need to ping the mun just in case. Ruin is a broken pup by nature. And he tends to break pups in return. Beware, but he can be a great plot device.

Ruin (the Ten of Swords) is from the minor arcana of the Tarot, and is public domain. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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